Intelligence analysis

An abundance of information is available, but it takes a seasoned analyst to weed out all the irrelevant, all the hype, and all the false information that is published, broadcasted, tweeted or posted by media companies eager to grab the attention of the general public.

Our processes extract the credible information, assesses the relevance, analyses the threats, and presents it in an easily digestible format with proper source reference. This will aid you in making the right business decisions for your operations, without having to waste time on questionable information from questionable sources.

Our reports are objective and analytical, and focused on your interests only.

These areas include terrorism, criminal activity, labor conflicts, environmental activism, political instability, protests, general security threats, disease outbreaks, and weather or environmental disruptions to ship's itineraries and/or guest and crew travel.

In our daily intelligence brief, we report on all of these issues, making sure to focus the information on the areas of the world, the ports and the waters that are relevant to your specific operations.

For ad-hoc reports, we focus on the exact issue you would like in-depth information on.

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